Contemporary Apartment Design with Classical

Contemporary Apartment Design with Classical – With the simplicity of modern design, and clean lines are also color minimalist, can become incredible when used excessively. In this private St. Petersburg apartment, designer and architect Natalia Ozerova has taken some elements of modern and classic, and then combine them. The result is a beautiful apartment, modern taste of old world classic design. Below is Home Interior Design Images of Contemporary Apartment Design with Classical Features.

(1) Inteior Design

From the living room, our view will be automatically drawn to the statue of places around the room, such as the style of ancient Greece.

(2) Modern Item

Look! that the statues are near the most modern items in the room, a desktop computer and a flat screen television.

(3) Gray Sofa.

Gray sofa has its own modern appeal in this contemporary style.

(4) Living Room

In the living room there is another statue is displayed together with the painting of the St. Petersburg neighborhood.(5) Bookshelves.

Bookshelves from floor to ceiling leave plenty of space for storing books or knick knacks, it become their own kind of artwork.

(6) Dining Area

A simple dining area with sunlight streaming in from the windows to the dining table is perfect.(7) Dining Room.

You can watch TV while enjoying the food.

(8) Glass Globe Light

Unique glass lamps over the dining table, very well with classical elements, including the statue on the left.

(9) Bed.

The master bedroom has a stunning accent wall with a classic design that makes you feel like have stepped into the palace.

(10) Bedroom With TV

Although the television may seem out of place, the design of the tile wall leaving a perfect space for television, so it still looks good.

(11) Bedroom

This is a full view of the beautiful bedroom.

(12) Wardrobe

Two doors let you easily get into the bathroom or the main room from the closet.

(13) Bathroom.

The bathroom is fully modern with slick marble walls and deep porcelain basins.

(14) Bath Design.

here we see that the classical influence has been made in the bathroom, with a statue peering down from a built-in shelf.

(15) Bathroom Décor

The bathroom makes the most of a smaller space with a deep tub and shower in addition.

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