Minimalist House With Wonders Of Wood And Light

Minimalist House With Wonders Of Wood And Light – Just like building a house, it must begin with a solid foundation, the beautiful design of each space starting with a strong material. Of course, the products are cheaper and quite strong such as beautiful and natural wood can be very useful to make the beauty of the house itself. This apartment, with a photo of Hey!


Cheese, includes grains of beautiful, stunning variations, and the sheen of wood that exist throughout the room, for a beauty, and a simple design that is truly awesome. Below is Home Interior Design Images of Minimalist House With Wonders Of Wood And Light.


  1. As soon as you walk into the house, you are immediately met with the existing wood everywhere. We can see that there is a piano in the living room.
  2. A flat screen television mounted to the timber wall. And there is a table below as an entertainment center which is made of wood and seen floating.
  3. Simple open dining room, tables and chairs are made of wood.
  4. The dining room is located next to the flat screen television.
  5. Modern living room viewed from different angles.
  6. Subtle pattern throughout the wood design, such as a cool door in this picture, keep things much more interesting and contemporary.
  7. The designer did not make a wooden sofa, but replace it with a brown sofa that blends with the room
  8. Where we do not see the wood, we will find a lot of white color, it helps to reflect sunlight into the room.
  9. Put the foods on wooden table will add a traditional sense.10. White light fixtures are very attractive.
  10. Bringing the children’s room in simplicity, but mixing bright colors into the room, it would be fun.
  11. The atmosphere of the living room at night.
  12. This custom room divider cool with light wood and white. It keeps the kitchen separate from the dining room and living rooms.
  13. A reflective backsplash makes the narrow kitchen seem bigger and fashionable.
  14. The atmosphere of the kitchen at night
  15. Children’s toys and brightly colored books that are easy to put into a wooden cabinet.
  16. The bedroom looks simple but comfortable.
  17. The whole bedroom looks white as well as the window. The bedroom is also equipped with an inspiring workspace.
  18. Work space is also made of simple wood but comfortable to work.
  19. And even the bedroom offers space for a study partner.


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