Stylish Family Home With Bright Tropical Colors

Stylish Family Home With Bright Tropical Colors – While many contemporary designers use neutral colors, especially white, to get a great effect, the family home can feel a bit sterile without some color. This design team at PavelVoytov using some simple neutral element but is not afraid to combine bright colors such as lime green, purple, and blue sky. We will be surprised by the combination of colors that create a unique stylish design. Below is Home Interior Design Images of fashionable Family Home With Bright Tropical Colors.

Stylish Family Home With Bright Tropical Colors

(1) Living Room

The open living room that uses bright colors throughout the home gives a fantastic sense. Look at a coffee table, so unique and attractive.

(2) Interior Design.

A overhead light can swivel on your demand.

(3) Wood Floor.

The decor also uses plenty of wood on the floor. On the left side is the open living room and on the right side is the open dining room.

(4) Staircase.

staircase leading to the next room with a unique decoration on the wall

(5) Pop Art.

Putting wild pop art in the stairway means the more people will see it, but not too intrusive.

(6) Kid’s Bedroom.

The rust coloring in the bed and curtains are matching colors and the light blue bookcase.

(7) Kid’s Room.

This kid’s room is playful and clean.

(8) Bedroom.

Bedroom for grown up, the designer uses neutral colors.

(9) Purple Girls Bedroom.

For an older girl, cool purple colors are feminine but not girly. The button pattern on the duvet is just unique enough.

(10) Purple Girls Room.

There are plenty of shelves to store your favorite books.

(11) Kitchen.

the kitchen with lime green accents to give a bright atmosphere in the kitchen.

(12) BathRoom with Cool Pattern.

We can see more fun patterns in the bathroom.

(13) Glass Shower.

A glass shower is just big enough.

(14) Bathroom.

Neutral bathroom is welcoming as well for you.

(15) Ligh Fixtures for pinched deign.

The light fixtures are also important with their interesting pinched design.

Stylish Family Home With Bright Tropical Colors

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